Choosing the right hairstyles?

To pick the right hairstyle that fit, it all depend on individual face features, hair textures, existing hair length and most importantly is your daily grooming habits.

Splits end, what to do?

Split end is due to excessive dryness to the hair and fibers of hair tearing apart, it normally happen to hair when cuticles no longer exist. Currently, there is no better solution for splits end except to look for stylist for a treatment plus trimming session. Don’t try using a normal scissors yourself because it will split even more.

Smooth, Silky and Shiny hair, how?

To achieve smooth, silky and shiny hair, it is important to use appropriate home care products.
Never choose products by the packaging appearance but by looking at your current hair and scalp condition.
Seek professional help if you’re unsure of your current hair and scalp condition, as the condition will not always be the same.

What to do after hair coloring?

Normally hairs dry out after coloring because the hair cuticles are left open. After coloring your hair, always do treatment to close the hair cuticles and locks up your new colour. But always do treatment before haircut cause refill lost moisture and nutrients will make your new haircut easier to manage and lessen the fiction when cutting.

Why choose organic products?

Organic products are definitely better as it causes least irritation, side effects, dryness and ageing effects on scalp and hair. Why I say least is because some people even water or air can cause sensitivity, but still it works and helps on almost all people.

How to maintain a healthy scalp?

Scalp is just like our face but only with more follicles and hair, besides cleansing you also need to do facial(scalp therapy), so that our hair grow properly. Normal shampoo wash only the outer most of the scalp and inside still dirty. Follicles have oil glands, sweat glands and it will form bacteria inside which cause infection and sensitive scalp. Stress and environmental factors will also produce DHT inside our follicles which damage our healthy cycles of hair grown.

Do we need to wash our hair with conditional daily?

Hair conditional is normally use after shampoo to balance the ph level of our hair because shampoo contain alkaline and conditional contain

acidic. Another better option is to apply hair mask and leave it as treatment after hair wash each time. Also remember don’t put all of the above on your scalp.