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Vitas Scalp Therapy

Step 1: Diagnosis with scanner/test kit

Step 2: Vitas Scalp Mask

Step 3: Lymphatic Massage

Step 4: Vitas Tonic

Vitas are a Scalp premium care product formulated to promote scalp conditions with extraordinary active ingredients

Suits all kind of scalp conditions and problem

Scalp Detox for emulsify toxics + residues

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Advance Scalp Therapy


- Balance Scalp Disorder

- Maintain proper function of hair follicles

- Nourish and restore the scalp providing a constant energy reserve

- A customize treatment used individually on to hair fall, sensitive scalp, dandruff and oily scalp

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Intense Scalp Therapy (BMT) – Bio Microstimulation Therapy


- Anti hair loss and re-growth scalp care therapy

- A machinery acupuncture massage to enhance the results

- Bio Microstimulation Therapy that helps to claim the scalp and penetrates the sebaceous glands and produces

singlet oxygen, a bactericide treatment for scalp disorders such as oily scalp, scalp acne, dandruff and sensitive scalp

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Herbal Scalp Therapy (TCL) – Therapeutic Chromo Light


- Natural Herbs used to triggers eventual hair regeneration

- Carries the nourished needed for hair cell reproduction

- Nourished, cleanse the scalp and restores proper scalp function

- TCL is used to penetrate the nutrients to the depth where the hair follicles resides and reduces harmful DHT which is a key factor in hair-loss

- Red Chromo light is used to treat hair-loss by promote blood circulation and stimulates the cells to take up nutrients blood circulation and stimulates the cells to take up nutrients and encourages the regeneration of healthy tissues/cells

- Blue Chromo light penetrates to the sebaceous glands to reduce sebum produced and has a calming effect for sensitive scalp and dandruff

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Fractional Scalp Therapy

Step 1: Diagnosis with scalp scanner/ PH test kit

Step 2: Jet Root

Step 3: Scalp Peeling

Step 4: Fraction Scalp Therapy


- Accurately determines scalp conditions

- Jet Root + Scalp Peel helps to soften dead cells to allow deeper penetration

- Fractional Scalp Therapy help deep penetration of nutrients into follicles

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OxyJet Scalp Therapy

Step 1: Diagnosis with scalp scanner

Step 2: High Frequency (Jet Root)

Step 3: Scalp Antiseptic

Step 4: Scalp Cleansing Process

Step 5: Scalp Mask (Vitas)

Step 6: Scalp Essence with Oxy Spray

Step 7: OxyJet


The OxyJet Oxygen puncture technology is based on the latest medical and cosmetic knowledge, specializing in intensive homeopathic and cosmetic care. Medical experience with no-needle injections show that vaccines, for example, can be shot into skin by applying a very high degree of air pressure (like an airgun without pellets). Lately this technique has been applied with insulin as well. The medicine enters the "shot channel" and travels down into the deeper layers of the skin below the "stratum-basal".

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